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Our Facility & Rental Pricing

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Designed For Athletes

Elite Sports Academy is a 200'L x 110'W x 35'H Steel Building with an 86'W x 50'L Attached Wood Structure

Featuring the Following:

• 150'L x 100'W x 35'H Multi Sport Turf Field 

  • The full turf field can be split into 3 100'x50' turf fields during the months of October-March by the use of our motorized curtain netting. 

  • End of March- October we are proud to convert our space into 2 full size basketball courts and 1 100'x50' turf field. 

• 7 Dedicated Full Length Batting Cages

• HitTrax System

• Fitness Center / Weight Room

• Golf Simulator 

Call (603)736-0018 for more information. 

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