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Elite Sports Academy is excited to announce a new and expanded Indoor Sports League for the second session! With the closing of BFH, we understand the impact that this has had on youth soccer players in our area. We want to provide as many opportunities to play soccer as possible in our facility for the remainder of the year and beyond.

Since this change came so quickly, we do ask for a little bit of flexibility as we work to make this happen. We have moved some rentals around and found as much space as possible to get the kids back on the field playing the sport they love. It won't be perfect, but it will be something!  It is also important to note that we will be building out a broader structure for Session 1 and 2 next year, more to come on that in the coming months!

Pricing and more details can be found within the registration link. 

Please pay attention to our Facebook page as we will be sharing many of the details there. Once you are registered, we will also be sharing information via the email you used to sign up.

We are looking forward to having you at Elite Sports Academy for Session 2 of our Indoor Soccer League!

Please reach out with any questions you may have.

James & Sarah


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